Guest Artist – Monta Morino (Japan)

We were stoked to have Monta Morino from Up Rise Tattoo in Shiga, Japan guest with us for the last couple of weeks. Well respected among tattooers both in Australia and around the world, the commitment and respect he showed to the tradition and craft of Japanese tattooing, his clients and the pieces being tattooed was both humbling and inspiring.
During his time here, among many smaller one shot pieces, he managed to tattoo two large sleeve/chest pieces that required multiple sessions, and one hell of an effort from our clients…thanks guys – your commitment was greatly appreciated.
Many thanks to Monta for stopping by Westside. Next stop on his trip is Third Eye Tattoo in Melbourne, and we can’t recommend enough taking the opportunity to be tattooed by him while he’s here in the country. Do it folks!!!
monta gavin monta craig

monta mark foot monta mark frog monta moo monta hanya monta dan leg monta brendan monta brendan hanya

monta scott

monta dinner

monta dan painting