Guest Artist – Capilli Tupou (New Zealand)

Anyone who’s spent any time hanging around the rooms of Westside will know how much respect we have for the crew at Sacred in New Zealand and we were lucky enough to have good friend and Sacred tattooer Capilli Tupou spend time with us last week during his visit to Australia. No stranger to our studio, his bookings were snapped up quickly and the week saw a steady stream of return clients who’ve come to know him as one of the true gentlemen of the industry.

While his style is undoubtedly rooted in the history of traditional tattooing, his work draws influence from folk art, the traditions and art of his homeland, and a desire to always surprise by way of a colour pallette and design sensibility that sits completely outside the ordinary.

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in New Zealand, be certain to visit the crew at Sacred and take the opportunity to be tattooed by Capilli. Otherwise, make sure to move fast next time he visits our shores and book yourself a session.

Good news for Brisbane folk though is that Capilli will be joining us at our next Flash Day on May 18th!!! Keep watching our online feeds for more details.

In the meantime, check out some of the work done by Capilli during this most recent visit:

capilli butterfly

capilli elephant

capilli emily

capilli horse vase

capilli indian

capilli snake

capilli spider knee

capilli tiger wings

capilli jake

capilli working