Guest Artist – Matt Deverson (Adelaide)

You know it’s gonna be noisy when our old mate Matt Deverson comes a callin!! Hailing from Progression Tattoos in Adelaide, Matt is a much loved face at Westside, both as a tattooer and as a close friend. Matt was travelling to Brisbane to be tattooed by our own Matt (Cunnington) so we figured it was too good an opportunity to be missed and roped him in to a week-long visit (no mean feat considering the Deversons’ new baby is due at any moment).

For those of you who know Matt’s work it shouldn’t come as any surprise to see his bookings were filled with large scale sleeve/back pieces. His work, based in the traditions of Japanese tattooing, is a kaleidoscope of intricate detail and colour and we’re looking forward to seeing his clients work progress to completion during future visits.

As well as coming to be tattooed by Matt Cunnington, the trip was also a chance for Matt D to tattoo another good friend, Westside’s Tim Rix. The two stayed back after close for a late night session on Tim’s knee that will no doubt leave him a little on the tender side for a week or two!

Check out the photos from the trip, and be sure to arrange an appointment with Matt soon, whether it be in Adelaide at Progression, or when he next visits Westside.

matt ange tiger matt coral sea dog matt sleeve 2 days

matt tim stencil
Tim, stencil on and lines underway.
matt tim not so
“Pfft! I don’t know what the big deal is…it’s not that…”
matt tim baaaad
“…BAAAAADDDDD!!!!!! Fuck!!!”
matt tim knee finished
End result is worth every moment.
matt tatting matt
…and now it’s Matt’s turn, getting tattooed by Matt Cunnington.
matt golden shower
A veritable golden shower of hits