FLASH DAY #2 – Saturday May 18th, 2013


All you have to do is help us spread the word about the day…re-post our ad on your Instagram and/or facebook feeds, tag us in the description and get everyone you know, like, hate or have anything to do with to like it for you. The person with the most likes on any one post wins the voucher. Too damn easy really!!!
Head here to read the full rules, terms and conditions and then get to it…

If you haven’t already heard, May 18th sees the second Westside Tattoo Flash Day, the first being June 2012. We had such a blast last time that we figured we’d do it all over again, this time even bigger and better. We’ve upped the number of guest artists and are expecting to see bigger numbers, more tattoos and even more good times.

Our crew will be joined by Andrew McLeod, Josh Roelink, Capilli Tupou, Jaclyn Rehe, Lauren Winzer, Heath Nock, Stooks and Johann Ingemar. So fucking good!!!

Make sure you don’t miss this one…

To help those of you who didn’t come last year and are wondering what it’s all about, check out these FAQ…they should answer a lot of your questions.

Can you give me more details? What’s it all about?
Our first flash day was held June 2012 and was so goddamn fun we decided it should be a yearly event…so here we are, May 2013 and preparing for round 2.
Essentially, all of the Westside tattooers, plus a selection of artists from around the country (and this year, New Zealand) are drawing 2 A3 sheets of flash each, to be displayed and tattooed on the day.
All prices will be advertised on the flash sheets via our online feeds and in the studio itself, and will be set according to the size drawn by each tattooer, so you’ll know exactly what the cost will be.
Bookings will NOT be available before the day…we will operate on a first come, first served basis. If you’re at the head of the line, you’ll be getting tattooed first. If you come last, you’ll be getting tattooed last.

Are ALL the Westside artists tattooing on the day?
Due to family commitments, Malika Rose will be unable to tattoo at this year’s event. Matt Cunnington will be tattooing on a limited basis only.

What guests will be tattooing??
In alphabetical order: Johann Ingemar, Andrew McLeod, Heath Nock, Jaclyn Rehe, Josh Roelink, Stooks, Capilli Tupou, Lauren Winzer.

Where can I see all the flash?
Flash sheets are being drawn by the artists as I type, and will continue to be so until very close to the day itself. We’ll be posting the final sheets (with prices) on the evening of the 17th May on our Instagram and facebook feeds, our blog and in the front windows of the studio.
As per last year, we WILL be posting progressive ‘teaser’ shots of the work in progress, but please, don’t bother asking us if the full sheets and prices will be getting posted before the 17th…they won’t.

Hey, it’s nearly the 18th!!! When are you going to post the flash? I need to see it!!! I NEEEEED to see it!!!!!!
Cough, cough…ahem. See above 🙂

What price will the flash be?
Prices will range from $150-$350, with a small number of pieces from each artist going for $450 in case someone’s keen to get something bigger. Exact pricing will be posted on the full flash sheets themselves. Rest assured that if you have $350 set aside, you’ll be able to choose from an incredible range of designs.

Will all the flash be available all day?
This is flash…all designs can, and most probably will, be tattooed multiple times during the day.

Can I get tattooed more than once on the day?
Sounds like a damn good idea if you ask me but we can’t promise anything.
If you ARE keen to get more than one artist to tattoo you though, we’ll do our absolute best to make it happen…it will help if you can be flexible with your time, as each artist will no doubt have their day fill up at different speeds.

What time are you open?
On flash day, our doors will open at 9am, and we anticipate tattooing until 9pm.

What time can I start lining up?
That’s up to you. What time you got??

Can we bring beer and pizza when we line up to keep ourselves amused?
No, no and NO. We’re smack in the middle of a residential area and our neighbours are generally very tolerant folk, but even I’d be tested with a rowdy bunch of people outside my bedroom window at 5am on a Saturday morning. Please be considerate. If you decide to be an ass, we’ll ask you to leave and you will not be getting tattooed.

Will there be somewhere to park?
There’s street parking in the area, but we highly recommend you either walk, ride or catch the bus (Route #199 takes you almost right outside our door) as Saturday mornings in this area are already busy enough and you’ll probably have great difficulty finding a carpark.

Can I book in advance?
Nope. But…we’ll be there bright and early on Saturday morning and will start co-ordinating appointments long before we open at 9am in order to get you in with our tattooers bang on time. Last year we started the registration process at 7am and aim to do the same again.

Should I line up?
Absolutely! Tattoos will happen on a first come, first served basis, so if you want to be certain of getting in, we’d recommend you come down early and line up. As a bit of a guide, we had people lining up from around 5am last year.

Can I be assured of getting tattooed if I turn up?
We damn well hope so. We’ll try to get to absolutely everybody, but obviously can’t be sure how many people will be here on the day. If you want to be certain, get here first.

Do I have to leave a deposit when I register for my tattoo in the morning?
All tattoos must be paid for IN FULL when you register. With the huge number of clients in and out the door all day, it’s a logistical pain in the ass to take deposits in the morning and then the balance of each throughout the day. Plan ahead and come armed with cash when you first turn up.

How can I pay
Our studio is a cash only business, and as such does NOT have facilities to take payments via credit or debit card. There are ATMs nearby but they will (and do) run out of money fast…it’ll be much less of a hassle for you if you just get cash out before you get down here.

Can I just choose what time of day I get tattooed?
Unfortunately not. To enable us to see everyone that wants to be seen, we’ll be slotting people in with the tattooers in the order that they arrive and line up. That may mean you will have a period of time between when you first register and pay for your tattoo, and when you actually start tattooing.

The only available time is late in the afternoon!! What am I supposed to do while I’m waiting?
We’ll have an area out the back of the studio where you can kick back and wait for your tattoo if you need to. Of course, if you have enough time, we’d suggest patronising the many other great businesses in West End…buy a book, grab a coffee, pick up some new vinyl, a new outfit or hell, grab a picnic and go lie on the banks of the river.

I don’t finish work until 5pm? Can I still get tattooed?
Call us before you come down after work and we’ll be able to tell you what each artist’s day is looking like. They want to tattoo and will do their best to tattoo you all. Seriously, they’re kinda nuts like that.

So I can just hang out in your backyard?
Yes. We’ve got an area out back where you can relax while you wait, BUT…again, be considerate of our neighbours. We like them, they’re good people and we expect you to treat them and their property with respect.

Can all my friends come in and watch while I get tattooed?
Nope, the rooms will be busy all day and our tattooers want to focus all their attention on giving you awesome tattoos. Groups of people in the studio will only distract them.

Will it hurt?

Will the flash sheets be available to buy?
Last year we auctioned the original sheets and donated the proceeds to the Leukaemia Foundation with a grand total of well over $4000. We’ll be auctioning this year’s original sheets in a similar manner, with 100% of proceeds to be donated to two very worthy causes. We will post all details of these charities ahead of the auction so you can see exactly who/what your money will be going to help. Bid on some amazing art and assist others less fortunate than yourself at the same time.

What the hell is a silent auction??
Each sheet will be available as a separate auction piece. They will be posted as individual threads/posts on Instagram, facebook and on the front desk of the studio. Bids can be placed on any of these forums or by email to info@westsidetattoo.com.au and will be compiled by us at the studio with highest bids being posted on Facebook throughout the day.
Start with any figure you want, check it through the day, and add higher bids if you happen to get outbid. At the end of the auction, the highest listed bid will win the sheet. You can bid on as many individual sheets as you want, but please be aware that sales are final. If you bid on 10 and win 10…they’re yours. We’re trying to raise money for very worthwhile causes and don’t want to have sales that fall through. If you’re unable to pay, please don’t bid.
The auction will run until 9am AEST on Sunday 19th May in order for international bidders to have a chance to win their desired sheets. Make sure you’re up before 9am Sunday to check on your bids or run the risk of being sniped at the last minute. Any bids that come in after the cut off time will not be recorded.
Winners will be posted and notified within 48 hours, once we’ve had a chance to cross reference all bids both in-store and online.
Please note that ALL proceeds of the silent auction will be donated to our chosen causes…no administrative fees or costs are deducted by anybody at Westside.

When do I have to pay for my sheet if I win one of them at auction?
We’ll notify all winners within 48 hours of the end of the auction and final payments will need to be in by noon on Monday the 27th May. Payments can be made via cash instore or online using paypal. If you can’t afford to pay by this date, please DO NOT BID.

What if I get hungry and haven’t eaten?
There are heaps of restaurants, cafes and bars within walking distance of Westside. There’s something to satisfy pretty much everyone’s tastes.

Now, hang on, I’m confused…what do I do again?
1. On the evening of the 17th May, check out the flash sheets available, either on our Instagram/facebook pages or in the window of the studio.
2. Choose which artist/design you want.
3. Check the price of your chosen piece of flash, walk to your local ATM, withdraw said amount of cash.
4. Come to the studio on Saturday morning and join the queue.
5. We’ll start taking registrations for the day from approx 7am. When we get to you, tell us which artist/tattoo you want and we’ll offer you the next available appointment time.
6. Agree that the next available time is actually quite perfect for you
7. Pay for your tattoo in full and we’ll give you a ticket to hang onto
8. Place a bid in our silent auction before either heading in to the studio, or heading off to enjoy the neighbourhood until your booked time
9. Come back to the counter at the designated time to confirm your return (bring your ticket).
10. Check how your silent auction bid is going…get pissed because you’ve been outbid, swear that vengeance will be yours, place higher bid and chuckle menacingly
11. After you’ve confirmed your return and refreshed your bid, stay within shouting distance of the front room and wait to be called for your tattoo.
12. When your tattooer is ready, you’re in…
13. Get yourself a gnarly tattoo
14. Show the jealous counter staff how awesome your new tattoo looks on the way out of your tattooers room
15. Check your auction bid and realise someone is trying to kick your freshly tattooed ass…place an even higher bid.
16. Head home, and sleep safe in the knowledge that you’re just that little bit more awesome than when you left the house 12 hours earlier.