While Brisbane residents are unsure what disruptions they can realistically expect to services and business during the G20 period (Mon 10th to Mon 17th November), our studio and tattooers are operating as usual. We’ll be closed on the Friday 14th for the public holiday, but will otherwise trade as per normal.

Hours are as follows:

Mon 10th – Private sessions
Tues 11th – 11am to 6pm
Wed 12th – 11am to 6pm
Thur 13th – 11am to 6pm
Fri 14th – CLOSED
Sat 15th – 11am to 6pm
Sun 16th – CLOSED
Mon 17th – Private sessions

We’ve set aside appts throughout the week to take walk-in appointments so come on down and talk to us about what you’re after.
There are some road closures and public transport changes that you’ll want to know about. Access to West End and our studio should be no problem…just allow extra time to get here and get home again.
As a bit of a guide, we’ve put together a summary of the relevant disruptions that may affect your trip to us. Read on…


From Mon 10th to 5am Mon 17th

  • Disruptions and progressive road closures throughout the entire restricted area (Southbank – Grey St, Merivale St, Glenelg St, Little Stanley st, Russell St, Melbourne St, etc (the area contained within the parameters of Peel St, Cordelia St, Brisbane River and Ernest St)
  • Some closures in CBD area and around the Riverside area leading to Fortitude Valley (Queen/Adelaide intersection, Ivory/Brunswick/Ann intersections)

From 7pm Thursday 13th to 5am Mon 17th

  • No vehicle access to restricted area (Southbank – Grey St, Merivale St, Glenelg St, Little Stanley st, Melbourne St, etc).
  • Lane closures as required on Alice, Ann, Roma, Turbot, Edward
  • Victoria Bridge – CLOSED except to pedestrians on Northside of bridge
  • William St – CLOSED
  • Adelaide St – CLOSED (section closest to Brisbane River, behind the Library)

Saturday 15th to midnight Sunday 16th

  • Queen St around the Riverside/Valley end – CLOSED
  • Adelaide St around the Riverside/Valley end – CLOSED
  • Stanley Place (GOMA) – CLOSED
  • Cultural Centre Tunnel – CLOSED
  • Grey St (Southbound, right up to William Jolly Bridge) – CLOSED
  • From 3pm Saturday…Montague Rd (between Hope and Stanley…the area closest to GOMA) – CLOSED
  • From 5pm Saturday…William Jolly Bridge southbound – CLOSED

Friday 14th to 5am Monday 17th

  • Airport locales/area and roads leading in/out will face closures and major disruptions

Friday 15th to 5am Mon 17th

  • Irregular disruptions to traffic around the Brisbane Showgrounds area…O’Connell, Wren and Gregory Tce affected

* People driving to West End from the Northside may be best to come and go via Hale St, to the Go Between Bridge and Montague Rd. (NOTE that council have promised no tolls to be paid for travel on the GBB during the restricted period)

* Those from the South should be able to access Hardgrave Rd via Woolloongabba through Highgate Hill, Dornoch Tce.


Mon 10th to 5am Monday 17th

  • South Brisbane station CLOSED – disruptions to the Cleveland, Beenleigh and Gold Coast lines…travel will end and passengers to disembark at Southbank Station instead

Friday 14th

  • ALL rail services in Brisbane will run to a Saturday timetable

Monday 17th

  • stations will begin to re-open through the day, and services progressively returning to normal


Mon 10th to 6pm Thurs 13th

  • Reduced bus services with some changes to bus stops and timetable

7pm Thursday to 5am Mon 17th

  • NO bus services through CBD or Sth Brisbane…all services that normally go through CBD will instead be diverted to railway stations for transfer by train, or to outlying transport hubs (Milton, Spring Hill, Woolloongabba, Toowong etc) for transfer to other limited shuttle services
  • Busway between Herston and Woolloongabba CLOSED…services will be diverted to transport hubs or train stations
  • Bus passengers are advised to leave CBD before 6pm Thursday or be faced with major delays

Friday 14th

  • All bus and ferry services, whether CBD bound or not, will run to a public holiday timetable

Mon 17th

  • bus stops will begin to re-open and services slowly returning to normal…expect delays