PAST EVENT: FLASH DAY 4 – June, 2015


All done and dusted for a 4th year!

As in previous years, all of the Westside crew and a selection of guests from around the country painted two A3 sheets of flash each, all tattooed on the day on a first come, first served basis.

Ed Brockfield, Matt Cunnington, Anna Day, Peta Jamieson, Ant Oliver, Tim Rix, Ben Rorke,
Liam Jenkins, Spiderdeath, Capilli Tupou and Jack tattooing

We managed to snap a few photos on the day to give you an idea of what you missed out on…or what you joined in on if you were there.

Thanks to everyone who came and got tattooed. See you next time!!FullSizeRender IMG_8679

annafd1 antfd1 antfd2 antfd3 antfd4 benfd1 benfd2 benfd3 edfd1 edfd2 edfd3 edfd4 fdwheel jackfd1 mattfd1 petafd1 spiderfd1 spiderfd2 timfd1 timfd2